Restaurant Insurance That Works For You

We're going to change your mind about restaurant insurance!

A Better Insurance Experience

Bikelane is obsessed with restaurants. We're constantly thinking about ways we can ensure you thrive by reducing your risk and improving your coverage. It's what we call 'Value Every Day'.

100% Focused on Independent Restaurants

Restaurants are special. We know, we spoke to thousands of restaurant owners. They told us they don’t understand insurance and spend too much time and money on HR, regulations, and employee turnover. We're fixing that.
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It's Time You Got More From Your Insurance

When 'stuff happens' you want to know that you have the right coverage, at the right price and with fierce claims support. We do that! But more than that, access to the Bikelane HR ToolKit covers you every day.

The Bikelane HR ToolKit

NY & NYC Sexual Harassment Training. HR Hotline. Customized Employee Handbooks. Safety Manuals. And more. This is how we provide you with value every day.

Bikelane Benefits

The Right Coverage at the Best Price

Value Every Day

Imagine insurance that does what it should and services that make your life easier and less-expensive.

Understand The Options

We’ll make sure you understand the options – we speak human. And then structure the coverage you want.

Real Expertise

Food, flames, really sharp knives, alcohol and passionate people. Restaurants are special, we’re specialists.

Fierce Claims Fighters

We don’t mess around. When something happens, we’ll be fierce when it comes to fighting for your claims.


What You Need to Know