Frequent podcast listeners know that digital audio stories are the perfect way to be entertained and informed on the go. Now, the world of restaurant podcasts is enlightening and inspiring people within the business, covering topics that restaurant owners and employees just don’t have time to read up on. Restaurant workers want to stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry, and with the availability of podcasts covering buzz-worthy subjects and pressing issues they can brush up on their knowledge while driving to work or performing tedious tasks. Take a look at these five great restaurants podcasts to choose from the next time you find yourself stuck on the subway. 

Food Startups Podcast

Food Startups Podcast graces listeners with tips on beginning the process of creating food brands or restaurant start-ups. Think cauliflower pizza crust or plant-based eating – these ideas had to start somewhere and pros in the industry break down how they drew attention to their pitch and how pushed the trend in restaurants. Food startups are “expensive and complicated”, and this podcast features the entrepreneurs who have learned the ropes and want to inspire hopefuls with their success stories. Check out their interview with Seth Goldman of Honest Tea, a start-up acquired by Coca Cola now in over 100,000 outlets in the United States.

Secret Sauce

The secret sauce to a successful restaurant? A top-notch marketing strategy of course! Secret Sauce is the number one ranked restaurant marketing podcast and provides sales and marketing ideas for your restaurant with data obtained from millions of restaurants around the world. It also breaks down ways to acquire more restaurant customers and obtain repeat customers. Website SEO strategies and effective e-mail marketing are a couple of the topics covered to inspire restaurants to get their name out there and build a well-known brand. 

The Garnish

Run by Restaurant POS and Management System “Toast”, The Garnish is “a podcast for restaurant people.” It features stories and tidbits from all personnel within a restaurant: everyone from owners to cooks. The Garnish episodes vary in topics – some include multiple interviews covering one subject and others are shorter interviews featuring one guest. Episodes discuss employee retention, tips on training staff and more niche topics like parenthood in restaurants and surviving the Superbowl at your establishment. Danny Meyer, Charles Bililies (founder and CEO of Greek-American restaurant Souvla), and celeb Chef Chris Hill have all shared their valuable insights on this podcast. 

Road Rash

Chef Brian Duffy and mixologist Russel Davis travel the world in this podcast in search of new and interesting foods to try, all why discussing pressing issues in the restaurant industry. Eat, drink, travel and learn with this funny and somewhat irreverent duo while hearing opinions on topics like no-tipping policies and sanitation. Road Rash hosts special guests from outside of the restaurant industry like famed musician Scott Ian and professional poker player Phil Hellmuth. Check out episode 6 where Duffy and Davis talk eating and drinking on the PGA Tour with pro golfer Jerry Kelly. 

Restaurant Unstoppable

Restaurant Unstoppable is arguably the most popular podcast in the restaurant biz and is hosted by Eric Cacciatore. The five-star podcast features restaurateurs and chefs who advise on navigating the world of restaurants and success tips from those who have made it. Restaurant Unstoppable certainly lives up to its mission statement: “What the most successful restaurateurs know, that you don’t” by empowering operators with the tools to better themselves in the industry. Every episode has a guest and covers unique topics from common restaurant design mistakes to sustainable burger joints.