Creative Ways to Build Your Brand and Grow Your Following

Your appetizers, cocktails, and desserts are prepared, garnished and served with care. For your customers, this is an excellent opportunity to document the artistry that goes into every dish and drink. These days, Instagram seems to be the most popular channel for vibrant and tasty foods. Here are five Soho restaurants who have figured out how to take full advantage of this social media marketing platform.


This modern French-Indonesian eatery opened in February by Cedric Vongerichten of Perry Street restaurant fame. Inspired by his wife Ochi’s home country of Bali, Wayan, meaning “eldest”, is derived from the first name given to all Bali children. As Vongerichten’s first solo venture in NYC, the Wayan doesn’t disappoint. The interior evokes a warm, casual bohemian vibe filled with plants, handmade wooden pieces, and candles. The Instagram account captures this perfectly, balancing sharp, striking images of food with artistic shots of the interior and displays of colorful Indonesian spices.


With one visit to any of the four taquerias across Manhattan, this much is clear: Tacombi is fun. At their Nolita location, the ordering station resides in a converted Volkswagen bus. Their homemade Mexican hot sauces and in-house natural sodas and juices are only available for purchase on the spot. Their Instagram account is a flood of postcard vignettes with different Mexican themes. Whether it’s sea turtles and couples in bikinis drinking cocktails on a beach or Macaws set against the Mayan ruins, each video is set to laid-back music that sets the Tacombi mood.

Bar Primi

If there’s one steady motif that describes the decor and cuisine at Bar Primi, it’s pasta. Run by Andrew Carmellini of Locanda Verde and Lafayette, this bi-level Italian bistro is littered with paintings of pasta-headed people. Instagram is no different. More than three-fourths of Bar Primi’s posts exhibit delectable bird’s eye shots of pasta dishes, to the delight of its 20,000+ followers. By staying true to its staple, Bar Primi has used quality photography to highlight its dishes simply and effectively.

Shoo Shoo Nolita

Last but certainly not least, Shoo Shoo was recently named among the top 12 Hottest Brunch Spots in NYC by Eater NY. What better way to show off than by showcasing the food you serve? This Tel Aviv-inspired restaurant serves fresh Mediterranean dishes that make your mouth water and your eyes pop. The color contrast of each platter and the light-filled corner location are prime ingredients for any beautiful iPhone shot. Whether it’s brunch, lunch or dinner, you can almost taste the freshness and flavors through every photo.

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When determining the right social media marketing techniques for your restaurant, be sure you do not stray from your brand. By showing off your best dishes with professional and consistent photography, you are well on your way to a fervent online following. What’s more, do not neglect your captions and hashtags. While a great photo composition or video can draw more followers and engagement, providing prospective and current customers with context and specials can make all the difference in converting followers into customers.