We Champion Independent Restaurants

We're on a mission. It is to champion, empower and keep you, the courageous restaurant owners of the world on the path to greatness. Bikelane’s story begins and ends with local businesses – restaurants specifically. You, the business owner, you’re a powerful force. You hold communities together. And as a group, you’re driven, innovative and smart. We love that. That’s why we’re focused on you.

Why Are We Disrupting the Restaurant Insurance Experience?

Our founders have been in the insurance industry for a very long time. They know from decades of experience that the insurance industry pretty much ignores the local business market. As a result, local businesses and restaurants specifically, haven’t been getting the service or coverage they need. We're changing that.

Over 80% of Restaurants Aren’t Covered for Food Contamination!

It’s crazy that over 80% of restaurants aren’t covered for food contamination and don’t know it! We set out to fix that. And find ways to provide our restaurants with value every day. Not just when there is a claim situation – but Every Day.