With the dawn of the internet and the subsequent rise in digital insurance experiences, online quoting has become a common practice. A decade ago, business owners had to physically visit different agents to find the best insurance coverage for their business, but now it takes just a quick google search. 

While online quoting saves time and effort, its convenience may come at a price. When it comes to insuring your restaurant, there are many nuances and details that need to be taken into account. Getting the right coverage from an online quote, especially when it comes to restaurant insurance, can be a difficult task.

When registering for an online quote, restaurants generally fill out a few forms. Then, an agent or broker takes that information and reaches out to insurance companies on the restaurant’s behalf in order to obtain quotes. An online quote is a great way for restaurant owners to get an idea of what coverages may cost and get an estimate for what they should be paying for insurance. However, online quotes may fail to take into account the specific needs of your restaurants. Many online quoting systems try to hook restaurants on a price point rather than the quality of the coverage available. For instance, insurance companies may market a cheap premium without disclosing the weak coverage. Online quotes may not be reflective of your true premium. 

While you can take advantage of online quoting systems to stay informed on different price points and coverages available to their business, each quote should be taken with a grain of salt. Working with a restaurant insurance expert is one way that restaurant owners can be sure that they understand the coverage they need, and ultimately select the best insurance for their business. People who understand your industry, understand your insurance needs.