The Right Ingredients + World-Class Service

Local, independent businesses – restaurants in particular – are pretty much ignored by the insurance industry. Most agencies and brokers simply don’t understand your specific needs. We’ve changed that with a laser focus on restaurants like yours.

The Bikelane Difference

What Really Matters

No Surprises! We Speak Human

Maybe you're ok with a little risk. Or maybe, you want everything covered. The point is, you'll understand exactly what you're buying and why. No insurance lingo.

Cost is Always Critical

Here's what we promise, we'll always meet or beat your current coverage. You'll always get better coverage for the same or less. And then there are all the other valuable benefits.

Service That's Just Right

We strive for the right mix of professionalism, expertise, humor and a burning desire to make our customers change the way the feel about insurance!

Constantly Improving

Taking you for granted is the last thing we ever want to do. We're on a continuous mission to do things better and bring you more value.


Insurance Should Work for You

Most business owners aren’t really sure what they’re covered for. They spend thousands of dollars annually on something they’re just not sure about. That’s not the way things are supposed to work. So, we’re changing it.

Bikelane HR ToolKit

Bikelane goes beyond insurance – we’re all about providing extra value. The HR ToolKit was designed to reduce risk, improve compliance and save you money with the tools you need now.

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