Let’s be honest. When it comes to hiring new employees, it’s not uncommon for restaurants to seek out candidates as quickly as possible. As a restaurant owner, you may find yourself in panic mode when looking to replace an employee who left unexpectedly. While neglecting a proper hiring strategy when recruiting new employees may work for your business temporarily, it can end up costing more than you’d think. Implementing a hiring strategy in your restaurant’s business plan will lead to more quality hires and less turnover. Who doesn’t want a better work environment and more revenue for their business? Let’s break down the essentials to a better hiring strategy and how your restaurant will benefit from it in the long run. 

Gain Access to a Large Talent Pool

With restaurant employee turnover rates as high as 74% in 2018, access to a wide variety of applicants when hiring is crucial. It goes without saying that the bigger the talent pool presented, the better the chances of finding those rock star employees. Restaurants no longer have to rely solely on walk-ins and employee referrals to discover top-notch employees. With online job posting platforms like Bikelane HIRE, you won’t miss out on any great talent. On Bikelane HIRE, you can post a job, vet applicants and make your hires all in one place. 

Paint Your Picture-Perfect Candidate

To hire the best talent for the job, you have to know what qualities make up your ideal candidate. Traditionally, job postings sites allow hiring managers to write out the necessary and desired skills needed for a potential hire. In addition to that, it’s smart to jot down a list of your own preferred qualities. Compatibility with current staff, work ethic, and attitude are difficult to measure on a job posting platform, but having an idea of what behaviors factor into a great employee will ensure you’re hiring the best of the best. 

Map Out Your Hiring and Training Costs Plan

Hiring and training do cost money, but a high employee turnover rate costs much more. Dedicating an allotted amount to thorough hiring and training programs will bring in promising employees equipped with the skills needed to match your company’s culture. It’s far better to spend money on building up your dream team rather than having to replace it due to turnover. Not sure where to start? Check out Bikelane HIRE’s free 30-day trial and start recruiting top-performing employees today. 

When hiring new employees for your restaurant, planning is key. Instituting a carefully thought out hiring strategy will provide you with the most desirable staff all while improving your restaurant’s bottom line. Hiring for restaurants in NYC is hard enough, so getting some help from a third party like Bikelane HIRE ensures you have your bases covered. Once you’ve done that, laying out your desired qualities for a potential worker should be a piece of cake.