It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Food, family, and friends are what make the holidays so much fun, and your restaurant can help supply some of the cheer. Marketing your restaurant as a festive establishment where folks can relax and take in the holiday season will boost your end of the year sales. Take a look at these five ways to bring the holiday spirit to your restaurant. 

Deck Out Your Menu with Holiday Treats

The holidays are a delightful time to spend with family, and those soirees are even better with a festive spread of food. Curating delicious holiday dishes and drinks will bring in customers looking to unwind this season and indulge in all of the treats the holidays have to offer. Incorporate holiday staples like cinnamon and seasonal fruits, such as cranberries or citrus, into appetizers, main courses, desserts, and even drinks. Cozy alcoholic beverages just taste better when garnished with holly, right? Be sure to put your own spin on these dishes and stay true to your personality. Why should potential customers book a table to try your restaurant’s savory roast goose? Is it the Madeira wine glaze? Organic mushrooms cooked to perfection? The options are endless.

Host Special Tasting Events

The holiday season is the time to party! Give customers a reason to ditch their office work gatherings and head on over to your restaurant to try out your seasonal menu items. Events like half off holiday drink happy hours, pre-fixe dinner menus featuring wintery selections, and boozy brunches are all ways to market your festive menu. Consider advertising your restaurant to large groups to host company dinners or holiday parties with friends to celebrate the season— just be sure to recruit extra help for the nights you plan on bringing in a big crowd. 

Promote Your Holiday Festivities on Social Media

You’ve crafted the perfect Christmas menu and now it’s time to show off your gorgeous dishes on social media. Utilize your social platforms to share pictures of your most drool-worthy plates and beverages. Rich hot chocolates, flavorful sweet potatoes, and dreamy Yule log cakes are all examples of holiday nibbles worthy of a festive photoshoot. Remind followers of your restaurant’s seasonal menu and include any deals or upcoming events you may be hosting to celebrate the holidays this year. 

Send Loyal Customers a Gift

Your loyal customers already love to swing by for their weekly Friday night dinner. Why not extend an offer to enjoy their favorite menu items plus try out a holiday dessert for a discounted price? By using email marketing or your restaurant’s loyalty program to send a special promotion to frequent guests this holiday season, your patrons will know that they’re valued. Since loyal customers are pretty familiar with your menu by now, accompanying their next meal with a free holiday drink to test out will provide room for helpful feedback.

Promote the Season of Giving

The holidays are about more than just food and family – they’re also about giving to those in need. Spread the holiday cheer by organizing charitable events at your restaurant this year. Themed dinners or happy hours can be thrown in honor of a charity of your choice, donating all proceeds to a worthy cause. Another idea that will encourage customers to participate is to host a food drive at your restaurant. Diners can bring in a certain number of cans in exchange for a half-priced holiday beverage. Be sure to promote your charitable events on social media to draw in customers and encourage followers to join your restaurant in giving back this season. 

Marketing your restaurant during the holidays doesn’t have to be hard. While the best strategy is to start promotions in November, it’s never too late to post a jolly Instagram photo featuring some festive dishes. Changing up your menu with seasonal treats may be the first step to celebrating the holidays, but spreading the word about promotions is critical for success. So get out of your comfort zone and go all out this holiday season – customers will surely appreciate your restaurant if it’s a little bit extra.