The Fourth of July is synonymous with outdoor barbecuing and beers. While many Americans use the hot summer day as a time to kick back and relax at a backyard bash, however, Independence Day in New York City looks different. City dwellers flock to restaurants and bars to celebrate, creating the perfect opportunity for you to utilize the Patriotic holiday to boost your restaurant’s revenue.

By celebrating the fourth at your very own establishment, party planning is the last thing your customers will have to worry about. Below are five ways to draw patrons to your restaurant on the Fourth of July and increase revenue at the same time.

Take Advantage of the Theme

Hosting a Fourth of July party is a great way to hype up one of the holiday’s most precious essentials – food. By starting with a menu that caters to customers’ mouth-watering desires, it will be easy to create a Fourth of July – themed event. If burgers and beers aren’t exactly your restaurant’s forte – no problem. Red, white and blue can go a long way when it comes to food decorating. Plus, sparklers can be put in just about anything, right?

Deliver Some Discounts

Consider creating special offers that can be sent to customers and posted about on your social media pages. A unique happy hour featuring alcoholic summertime favorites is a great way to attract thirsty customers. If your restaurant has a specialty that gets a lot of buzz, providing a buy one, get one free deal gives loyal customers a reason to stop by on the fourth. If you want to get really clever, incorporate a raffle drawing with giveaways. Ask customers to tag their social media posts from the celebration with a special hashtag (like your restaurant’s name and a cute Fourth of July pun.) Whoever has the most creative post can win a free lunch at your restaurant.

Market Your Celebration

Once you have an idea of what your restaurant’s Fourth of July celebration is going to look like, it’s time to get the word out. Posting about the holiday a few days before the fourth will remind people that it’s time to make some plans for their exciting day off and that your restaurant can deliver them stress-free. By including some festive hashtags in your post, social media scrollers can easily find the perfect spot to spend the Fourth of July. Don’t forget to include pictures of what you will be serving to entice an audience that is ready to chow down.

Focus on Trends

Fourth of July-themed promotions are a huge restaurant trend this summer. The Dutch in NYC is putting a twist on their classic upscale American cuisine by serving a promotional cookout-style menu. Barbecue, hot dogs and watermelon are just a few of the All-American treats you can order at The Dutch on July 4th.

Make It Family-Friendly

The Fourth of July is a holiday fit for all ages, and odds are there are going be many parents who are looking to bring their children out for the occasion. Highlighting a kid-friendly menu will encourage parents to visit your restaurant and wind down after hitting the streets for that hot parade. Handing out American flag stickers and coloring books will keep the kids busy while mom and dad sip on a margarita. If your establishment has an outdoor space, consider inviting restaurant goers with dogs, too! No one wants to leave their furry friends inside all day on the fourth.