The abundance of quality restaurants in New York City continues to surprise even its local population, with some top notch spots even nestled into train stations. Grand Central, the iconic hub connecting the tri-state area, is the unexpected home to some of the best food in the region. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite before the train or a multi course meal Grand Central Terminal is sure to surprise — and indulge — your palate.

The Campbell Bar

Nothing evokes the feeling of New York grandeur more than sipping a smoked Old Fashioned at The Campbell Bar. The intricate, vaulted ceilings and plated windows create a sense of nostalgia, stateliness, and elegance — within moments, you’re transported to the New York of yesteryear. Besides their excellent cocktails, The Campbell Bar features gourmet bar snacks and small plates using fresh, local ingredients.

Shake Shack

The East Coast’s answer to California’s famed In N Out, Shake Shack is a must-try for any burger aficionado passing through NYC. The local chain also offers a plant-based patty derived from portobello mushrooms, making juicy burgers accessible to our vegetarian friends as well. Located in the Lower Dining Concourse, Shake Shack is just one of 20 local eateries designed for quick bites and casual fare at Grand Central Terminal.


Who would’ve guessed they could find a Michelin-starred restaurant in a train station? Agern presents a modern take on traditional Nordic cuisine, and its use of ingredients sourced from New York state (both farmed and wild) conveys that Agern is simultaneously grounded and elevated. 

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NEW! Domestic Wagyu- Ramp, onion, and hazelnuts.

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Magnolia Bakery

If you don’t have time to explore the entire city, try this West Village classic as soon as your train hits the breaks. The original location is known to have out-the-door lines for their famous cupcakes and banana bread pudding. While we think it’s totally worth it, Grand Central presents a quick way to try the goods without the hassle. Satisfy your sweet tooth…and maybe take a few pastries for the train ride home!

Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant

The Oyster Bar is an undisputed classic — proven by the fact that it is the oldest restaurant in Grand Central Terminal. As the name suggests, Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant is known for its extensive seafood menu, serving 25 types of fish and 30 varieties of oysters. This restaurant is suitable for anything from a dinner meeting to a solo meal before the train.

Almost as if the city wants to wish you a sweet (and savory) goodbye on your journey outbound, Grand Central offers everything a hungry traveler could want. The terminal’s beautiful architecture adds to the element of fine dining, but it is the plethora of options that make commuting a delicious experience. So skip the homemade PB&J, and grab a fresh croissant before boarding your next train!