With the Holiday season fast approaching, many New York City restaurants are looking to meet increased demand by hiring additional hourly workers. However, finding great hourly workers is a challenge. Between all the restaurants and gig economy companies such as DoorDash or Seamless, competition for hourly workers is stiff around the holidays. In order to obtain the industry’s top talent, restaurant owners need to get creative when recruiting hourly workers. Here are three suggestions to help you get started:

Advertise IRL

Of course, it’s important to post regularly on job-seeking sites, but one of the most simple and cost-effective ways to find hourly workers is by keeping it simple. Place physical flyers with job listings in your restaurant and around the neighborhood to catch the attention of job-seekers who are already in the area. Be sure to make flyers eye-catching with easy-to-follow application instructions! Not only is this simple, but local hires are also more likely to show up to their shifts on time. 

Get the Inside Scoop

Many cities have closed Facebook Groups for hourly workers in different sectors and industries. By joining these groups and sharing job listings with their networks, restaurants can access industry-specific applicants at no cost. Additionally, job-seekers are more likely to respond to tailored listings from a trusted group than a generic help wanted post.

Go Straight to the Source

One sure-fire way to access a strong network of servers, barbacks, hosts, and other restaurant staff is by going to those who already work for you. Restaurant owners see great success in recruiting hourly workers through their top employees. Incentives, such as a small bonus, will motivate workers to submit suggestions. Additionally, a desire to maintain their reputation will prevent staff from recommending sub-satisfactory applicants. This approach can also be used with new hires, who are likely to have made friends job-seeking who were also looking for work.

Finding talented and reliable hourly staff can be difficult, and requires getting creative. However, with the right ads and referral program restaurants can generate strong responses to listings. In order to ensure that the best applicants are offered positions, however, restaurants need to have a strong vetting process in place. But you’re busy and this takes time — we get it.

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