As the temperatures drop and holiday decorations go up, restaurant owners are preparing themselves for the inevitable holiday rush. While restaurants everywhere see a boost in revenue between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, New York City establishments find themselves especially busy throughout the holiday season. As business increases, many restaurants struggle to have enough staff on their schedule to meet customers’ needs.

Hiring quality seasonal employees can be difficult and time-consuming, and many restaurant owners find it difficult to maintain a fully-staffed dining room amidst family gatherings and holiday parties. However, hiring for the holidays doesn’t have to be difficult. By hiring and training seasonal employees before the holiday season starts, restaurant owners can save themselves the headache of a last-minute scramble for staff.

Restaurant owners must remember the holidays don’t just affect their own business — your competitors will also need additional staff. The longer restaurants wait to hire seasonal employees, the weaker the candidate pool will be. To compete with other businesses pulling together a strong holiday workforce, restaurant owners and managers need to start the holiday recruitment and hiring process as soon as possible. Otherwise, they run the risk of getting stuck with other restaurants’ holiday leftovers.

In addition to hiring quality candidates, you also need to build inadequate time for training seasonal staff. Even returning seasonal employees will need to be trained, as their knowledge of the restaurant may be rusty and restaurant rules and operations may have changed. To ensure there’s adequate time for training, restaurants should start to post job listings early. If you were late this year, add that to your list of New Year’s resolutions. According to Monster, some businesses began posting their holiday openings back in August

By hiring and training seasonal employees before the holiday season starts, restaurant owners and managers can save themselves the headache of a last-minute search for quality employees. Further, hiring quality employees earlier in the year gives businesses plenty of time to ensure that all seasonal staff is properly trained. 

For restaurants that lack the time to search for seasonal hires before the top talent gets scooped up by the competition, quality hiring software may be the solution. BikelaneHIRE offers a way for restaurants to streamline their vetting and hiring process, and is available online for a free trial today.