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Top performing employees sell more, serve better, reduce risk and save you money. That’s why we developed HIRE – the restaurant industry’s most innovative hiring & vetting platform.


Designed Exclusively for Restaurants

Employee turnover, hiring, training and loss of productivity adds up to big bucks for restaurants. Imagine the money, time and headache you’ll save with a solution that helps you get the staff you need easier, faster and better.

What's So Special?

Sell More. Serve Better. Reduce Risk.

Organizing the hiring process is easy, most hiring solutions do it. HIRE is different. It was designed to help you identify the strongest candidates – your next top performer.

Identifies Top-Performers

HIRE is smart. It screens candidates for the qualities your restaurant needs with a skills assessment test designed just for restaurants.

Integrates Seamlessly

With HIRE, you can still use all of your regular sources to originate candidates, including other hiring platforms and walk-ins. HIRE gives you the best of all worlds.

Saves You Valuable Resources

In addition to organizing and managing the process for you, you’ll be able to see and hear candidates with a video function for an initial screening. Huge time-saver.

Streamlines the Entire Process

Automatic communications, easy-to-use interface, video screening and much more allows you to quickly focus in on the cream of the crop.

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How Much Do You Spend on Employee Turnover?

With our Employee Turnover Cost calculator, find out how much your restaurant spent on one of the industry’s biggest profit killer. This is why we developed HIRE.
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Bikelane HIRE Explained

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