When a restaurant is hiring new staff members, it’s important to consider more than simply whether or not a candidate’s experience and skills meet the job description. Staff members are the first people that customers interact with when visiting a restaurant and our customers’ go-to points of contact when throughout their visit. Because of this, it’s important to select applicants who are able to manage both their personal tasks and the needs of customers with ease.

Selecting the top candidates for hire can be a long and exhausting process. However, knowing ahead of time certain traits to look for in applicants can streamline the hiring process and improve one’s chances of selecting the best candidate. Below are five traits that the experts at BikelaneHIRE suggest looking for when hiring restaurant staff, no matter the position.


It should go without saying, but customer satisfaction should be the top priority for restaurant employees. The best applicants are those who show a willingness to go above and beyond to meet customer demands and make a good impression. The more willing staff are to show customers their dedication and appreciation, the more likely it is that those customers will return.


Working in an environment as fast-paced and demanding as a restaurant can be stressful. Employees who let stress take over have trouble communicating effectively with team members and interacting with customers in a positive manner, which can seriously hurt business. For this reason, it’s essential that new hires know how to keep their cool under pressure.

Strong Communicator

Restaurant staff must have the ability to communicate effectively, both with customers and with their fellow staff members. One obvious aspect of communication is talking, and staff should be able to communicate with each other and customers in a politely and clearly. Perhaps even more important is staff members’ ability to listen to the needs of those around them. If customers feel that their needs aren’t being heard or responded to appropriately, they aren’t likely to return.


In a field as busy and hectic as the restaurant industry, it’s important that staff know how to manage more than one duty at a time. Employees are often be asked to manage multiple demands and juggle various tasks with quick turnarounds, so it’s imperative that any new hires have the skills needed to complete multiple assignments correctly and on time.

Team Player

A true team player isn’t just someone who works well with others, but someone who is willing to step outside their role to help the team operate more smoothly. Being a team player can involve helping a coworker who is struggling, motivating others when the work gets tough or resolving conflicts that arise between teammates.

Screening and Vetting Hires

By seeking out applicants who are customer-oriented, composed, multitaskers, strong communicators, and team players, restaurants can rest assured knowing that they’re hiring applicants with the skills needed to satisfy customers and get the job done. However, seeking out strong hospitality traits is not sufficient to replace a formal screening and vetting process.

Some restaurants choose to screen potential employees through a scenario and behavioral interview questions. More and more restaurants, however, are utilizing online tools and surveys to measure a candidate’s skills, personalities, and other traits. You can learn more about our restaurant hiring and vetting tool, Bikelane HIRE, and receive a free 30-day trial by contacting a Bikelane representative.