Retaining rock star employees at your restaurant can be just as hard as finding them, but both steps make a huge difference in the success of your business. While the “perfect” restaurant employee may be impossible to recruit, there are great potential employees out there and ready to thrive with your restaurant. Workers who follow rules, put in the effort, and learn from their errors create a more pleasant environment for fellow staff and customers alike. Not to mention, sales will flourish in a restaurant where the food, service, and staff are superior. Once you’ve locked down those top-notch employees, it’s time to strategize the best ways to keep them. Take a look at these five ways to retain your restaurant’s best employees. 

Instill a Fluid Company Culture

Creating a team that provides the essence of a family leaves workers feeling valued and fulfilled. It is common to see a disconnect between the front line and the back of the house employees. If your staff starts to develop an “us versus them” attitude, it can contribute to a toxic work environment. Weekly meetings including the entire staff and bonding activities can fortify the togetherness of all employees and minimize an aura of restaurant hierarchy. Strong company culture has the power to make employees truly love their jobs.

Provide Employees with the Tools They Need

If an employee isn’t provided with the right resources to do his or her job, frustration and low-quality food will follow. Proper tools can range from an entire health and safety training course to a new oven for your restaurant’s highly sought after pizza. But if employees can’t do their jobs properly due to a lack of resources provided on your end, they will likely find a new place of work that can cover these bases.

Be a Good Example

Every restaurant owner and manager should lead by example. Going back to instilling fluid company culture, employees should always feel that their bosses are on their side, and working towards the same goal of a phenomenal restaurant. An unfair boss or impossible standards is why many restaurant employees choose to leave an establishment. It’s entirely possible to set clear performance standards without being a tyrant.

Take a Look at the Competition

Chances are you’ve already checked out the competition’s hot new menu items and marketing techniques. So why not take a look at the strategies they use to keep employees engaged and content with their jobs?  Big food chains are constantly implementing new practices to nurture the work-life balance of their employees. (Did you hear about Shake Shack’s new four-day workweek test?!) By examining workforce cultures and trends of restaurants you admire, you’ll get a better picture of which employee retention strategies your business should be experimenting with. You may even open a door to a brand new wave of recruiting possibilities.  

Stay True to Your Standards

This goes for both you and your hiring practices. Wishy-washy restaurant owners and managers who make promises that aren’t kept will create a rampant dissatisfaction among employees. If you offer employees a certain benefit, then you must follow through. Likewise, don’t settle for employees who lack the “perks” your restaurant needs to thrive. If your establishment has been burned before by hiring a worker with inadequate training, negative qualities, etc., you’ll face similar consequences by neglecting your standards and repeating the same mistake. 

When hiring for restaurants in NYC, finding good employees is only half the battle. Employee turnover rates have skyrocketed in the restaurant and hospitality industry in the last few years and brainstorming ways to keep those rock star employees is more necessary than ever. Not sure where to find the best candidates for the job?  To learn more about our new restaurant hiring and vetting tool, visit Bikelane HIRE for your free 30-day trial.