Let’s face it: we live in the Digital Age. Keeping up with the fast pace of today’s world means taking advantage of the little ways that technology makes our lives easier. For restauranteurs, one way to make your business more efficient is by utilizing online reservation systems — allowing customers to book a table their phone or desktop is both a convenience to them and an organizational tool for you.

The reliance most people have on their electronic devices can be disheartening at times. We’ve all heard the grumblings of older generations who claim that no one knows how to talk to each other anymore, or that we have it too easy with the internet. Maybe they’re right — many tech fanatics look upon phone calls as inconvenient, if not socially uncomfortable. However, the reality is, when you’re juggling work, family, and personal needs, there’s nothing easier than sending a quick text.

So, why not translate that simplicity to the world of fine dining? In the restaurant industry, if you’re not taking advantage of online reservation systems, you could be losing out on some serious business. Think of the guy who’s stuck in a meeting, desperate to take his partner out on a romantic dinner but can’t leave the room. What can he do? Book online, right then and there. How about the woman on the subway, attempting to plan a fun happy hour with friends with spotty cell service underground?

A Bonus for You and Your Customer

There are countless examples of how the efficiency of online booking systems benefits customers, but don’t forget that you’re getting a major bonus, too. Using online booking services keeps all reservations in one, unified spot. No more uncomfortable mix-ups when an unhappy customer complains that they swear they made a reservation at 8:00 on a Friday night, or your hostess accidentally double-books the table with the best view. 

While most people opt for the online option anyway, there are fun ways for restaurants to encourage guests to use digital booking systems. Try offering exclusive online-only deals and coupons — it’s guaranteed not only to make the reservation process easier but to have your restaurant filled with excited customers. With the holidays fast approaching, there is no better time to streamline your restaurant’s organization and ensure that business will be booming every day.