“Rebellion” and “restroom” aren’t usually the first words that come to mind when thinking about the restaurant industry. However, fine dining establishments are beginning to incorporate both elements in a unique feature that capitalizes on the economy of social media and Instagrammable moments. While your main dining room might not have the trendy decor for the perfect photo op, a surprising alternative is in the bathroom.

How you may ask? The answer is simple: latrinalia or graffiti found specifically on bathroom walls. While vandalism has historically had a negative connotation, it’s also considered an important form of art. From Basquiat to Banksy, graffiti has become a culturally significant way for artists to express themselves, make social statements, and challenge the status quo. Meanwhile, in a restaurant setting, incorporating the edginess of graffiti is one of the simplest ways to elevate your brand identity.

The beauty of latrinalia is that it doesn’t detract from the general atmosphere of the dining experience; the cool effect is confined to the bathroom, a notably intimate domain. Rather, latrinalia is a way to capitalize on the parts of your restaurant that may be otherwise wasted space.

In fact, latrinalia holds the potential to serve as a self-promoting marketing tactic. We’ve all been known to sneak a quick mirror selfie in the bathroom, but it’s rare to post unless the ambiance is particularly special. However, with just a little wall art, the bathroom is transformed into the trendiest new spot, reposted all over social media (aka, free advertising!). With that kind of exposure, you’re only one tagged photo away from reservations out the door.

Of course, this method will not work for every establishment. Amateur art scribbled on bathroom walls contradicts the vibe of restaurants that pride themselves on traditional values of decor. However, for restaurants that are looking for a boost of youthful, creative energy, latrinalia might be an avenue worth exploring. Whether you hire a professional artist to recognize the bathroom’s full potential as a canvas or you simply give your customers free rein to add their personal mark, your restaurant is guaranteed to stand out.