While Thanksgiving may be the United States holiday with the biggest emphasis on food, many would argue that the Fourth of July comes in a close second. The hot mid-summer holiday doesn’t have a strict turkey and mashed potatoes menu to follow, but it is known for a few classic dishes best described as All-American.

According to a SurveyMonkey poll, hamburgers are the most American thing to eat or drink on the Fourth of July, but in New York City, grilling up a few burgers in the backyard isn’t exactly a common trend. Luckily, there are hundreds of restaurants in the area that pride themselves in serving fantastic American cuisine fit for a BBQ. So leave the spatula at home this Independence Day and check out one of these mouth-watering burger spots in NYC.

J.G. Melon

Since opening in 1972 and expanding to multiple locations in NYC, J.G. Melon has kept one thing the same: their classic burger. The restaurant is recognized for its simple but flavorful patty on a warm toasted bun. They also serve their infamous cottage fries – tiny quarter sized potatoes with ridges that are cooked to a crisp. Be sure to hit the ATM before chowing down though as J.G. Melon is cash only.

The Happiest Hour

There are very few things in life that can make you happier than a beer and a burger. Located in the West Village, The Happiest Hour is a bar and restaurant famous for its “Happiest Burger.” It’s a simple burger with two patties grilled to perfection and is very similar to the California-born In-N-Out burger. Who says you have to hit the West Coast for a quality double-stacked treat?

Mel’s Burger Bar

Mel’s Burger Bar is the place to be if you’re looking for more than just your average patty on a bun. With creative burgers like “The Dirty Hipster” stacked high with spinach artichoke dip and onions rings and the “Widow Maker” loaded with mac n’ cheese, their menu appeals to even the wildest of taste buds. With two NYC locations and a bar open late every night, customers have an excuse to work a funky burger into their Friday plans.

Burger Heights

Fast-casual restaurants are a hot trend of 2019, and burger spots like Burger Heights are no exception. The brand has two establishments in the Washington Heights neighborhood and puts emphasis on its “elevated fast food experience.” Similar to its restaurant name, the burgers are all known by iconic streets in the city. Now that’s a tried-and-true New York burger joint!

Superiority Burger

While it’s difficult to top the classic cheeseburger, Superiority Burger believes that you don’t need meat to create an amazing sandwich. Located in East Village, the all vegetarian and “sometimes accidentally vegan” restaurant has been said to have the best veggie burger in New York City. The menu also includes a gigantic version of their veggie burger called “The Megamouth.”


Emily is traditionally a pizza restaurant with West Village and Brooklyn locations, but its burgers get way too much hype to leave off the list. “The Emmy Burger” has been repeatedly honored as the best burger in NYC, and even has Youtubers scrambling to film “copycat Emmy Burger” how-to videos. The sandwich is made with dry aged beef, caramelized onion, pickles and a squirt of secret Emmy sauce on a decadent pretzel bun.

Burger Joint

Could New York City’s best burger joint have such a simple name? Many customers who have a hankering for beef think so. Burger Joint opened back in 2002 on West 56th Street but has since become an international mini-chain. A burger complete with “all the fixins” plus a giant paper bag of greasy fries makes for a flawless meal.