You may not know Roni Pepperoni by name, but it is an incredibly popular iteration of pepperoni celebrated for its “instagrammable” appearance. The flavorful meat is different from traditional pepperoni pieces in that it shrinks during the cooking process, creating a bowl-like shape with crispy, raised edges. If you are prone to dabbing excess grease off your pizza before even taking a bite, Roni Pepperoni may not be for you. The crater-like toppings are famous for pooling pizza grease in its edges.

The Birth of the Roni Pepperoni

Roni Pepperoni traces back to its roots in Buffalo, New York. While the NYC area has just recently been introduced to this dome-shaped topping, Buffalo has been well acquainted with it for several decades. One of the most popular Roni Pepperoni distributors, called Ezzo Sausage Co. has been selling the product to pizzerias in New York state since the 1980s and now supplies meat to numerous city-based shops. Beloved pizza restaurants Emmy and Emmy Squared were the first to introduce guests to the Ezzo Roni cups in 2016, and many other renowned establishments have followed suit like Massoni, Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop, and Williamsburg Pizza. 

Roni Revenue Boost

Restaurants that sell Roni Pepperoni have generally kept the cost of a slice the same as that of a classic pepperoni, but instead, are making money off the increase in customers. For instance, Williamsburg Pizza saw a seventy-five percent increase in pepperoni pizza sales when they added the greasy meat cups to their menu. Ezzo Sausage Co. has also found themselves selling more pepperoni too. The company’s founder, Darren Ezzo, notes that Roni Pepperoni made up 30 to 40% of its production a few years ago, but the cups now make up a whopping 50%. 

Phone Eats First

It’s 2019, and many people ask themselves “Will my meal look good on Instagram?” before choosing a place to dine. If that meal includes Roni Pepperoni, then the answer is almost always yes. Prince Street Pizza is a shop that serves Roni Pepperoni pizza and it is known for its exceptionally tasty and pic-worthy slices. Just look at their Instagram for proof. In this day and age, creating instagrammable dishes and marketing them is a must. Social media is becoming an increasingly important process of the restaurant decision making process.