NYC is one of the food capitals of the world, and Korean BBQ is no exception to this rule. Throughout the city, there are endless restaurants to satisfy sudden Beef Bulgogi or Bibimbap cravings. The cuisine is known for its interactive and flavorful method of grilling meat, and is an incredibly popular and fun choice for those looking to dine out. Read on for some of our favorite Korean BBQ spots in the city. 

Yoon Haeundae Galbi

This sophisticated Koreatown dinner spot is great for those seeking an authentic dining experience. The restaurant is a re-creation of owner Bobby Yoon’s grandfather’s original restaurant in South Korea, and prides itself on its unique meat tenderizing technique, called the “Haeundae Cut.” Most of the menu items are actual recipes taken from the original restaurant in Korea, and the rest of the menu was carefully curated by head chef Anna So to incorporate a twist on classic dishes.


This Midtown restaurant and bar offers both great food and energy, with a waitstaff that prepares the food right in front of you, and enthusiastic bartenders that serve up specialty cocktails. The place is a family-owned and run, and aims to modernize authentic Korean classics. 

GunBae TriBeCa

For a KBBQ option for all, try GunBae Tribeca. They offer a fresh twist on classic dishes, and are interested in more than just meat. They have seperate gluten-free and vegetarian menus — which is something you won’t find at most Korean Barbeque spots. And in addition to this, GunBae also has three private karaoke rooms for you and your friends to book. 

Barn Joo

Located in the heart of Union Square, Barn Joo describes themselves as comfort food with a touch of Korean soul. Barn Joo is more than just a restaurant, it’s dinner and a party all rolled into one. It serves farm to table tapas and classic barbeque dishes, along with a speakeasy, called ‘The Grain,’  just below the dining room.

Dons Bogam

This popular spot, opened by K.R. Choi in Koreatown, has been featured everywhere from the Zagat to the Michelin Guide. Head chef Woo Kim has specialized in Korean cuisine since the 80s, and curates Korean dishes geared towards the American palette. Added bonus: Don Bogam offers seasonal wine pairings with their foods. 

Kimchi Grill

Phillip Lee’s Brooklyn Restaurant, Kimchi Grill, is a blend of street food and Korean flavors and cuisine. Elements from Mexican, Mediterranian, and Italian cuisines are included on the menu, and the restaurant is no-frills for diners looking for a less extravagant experience.

Whether you’re looking for a casual bite or upscale dining, there is no shortage of Korean BBQ spots in New York City to fit your needs. The popular dining experience has established its popularity in the city, and as a result there has been a rise in the diverse array of places in every neighborhood to indulge.