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what you should know

Here's What Most Restaurants DON'T Know

+80% of Restaurants Aren't Covered for Food Poisoning

Food contamination coverage is excluded from most policies and you (and your broker) probably don't even know it. We know what to look for.

Restaurants are the #1 Target for Cyber Attacks

If (when?) it happens to your restaurant, the cost and legal requirements can be enormous. This issue isn't going anywhere, in fact it's only going to get worse.

Most 'Income' Coverage Begins After 72 Hours

Statistically, most closures are resolved within 72 hours. Insurance companies know that. So what's the point if you're not covered from hour one?

Wage & Hour Claims are Exploding

By 9x to be exact. If your bookkeeper is off by just one minute, even if it's an honest mistake, you could be liable for a wage and hour claim. Not nice.

Insurance the Way You Imagined

Even the savviest business people rely on their brokers to get them what they need. But what if your broker just doesn’t know? As experts in restaurant insurance, we understand things like: you need food contamination coverage and loss of business income reimbursement that starts from hour one of disruption, not after three days. Bikelane has designed a completely new and better insurance experience for restaurants. Try it.
What You Need To Know

The List & What It Covers

Most insurance brokers will provide these same coverages. How they provide them and what's included is a completely different story!


Property damage – natural or man-made – is a total drain. We make sure your totally covered. Phew.

Business Income

Something happens. Business is disrupted. Income is lost. No worries, we make sure your policy kicks in.

Business Owner’s Policy

Sometimes called a ‘BOP’, it protects you personally if you get ‘bopped’. And everyone needs a little protection.


The floor is wet, someone slips and falls. Contaminated lettuce, gets people sick. That’s what liability insurance should cover and does with us.


Pretty straightforward – except when you don’t have the right coverage. We won’t let that happen.

Workers' Compensation

If one of your staff gets hurt on the job, you want to take care of them. Done. Check that off your list.

Regulator Protector

There’s always a new regulation to comply with. But just in case someone doesn’t, getting protection is smart.

Equity Protector

Blood, sweat and tears – that’s how you’ve built equity. Let’s make sure you don’t shed more.


At some point, every business will get hacked. Fixing it is expensive and not easy! Let us deal with it.

HR ToolKit

The Bikelane HR ToolKit


A set of tools for you to use every day or any day.


You need them. Either by law, or because they reduce risk and cost.
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