5 Creative Ways to Increase Your Ticket Size

Spring has sprung and preparations for the busy summer season have begun. As peak hiring season approaches, you’ll be interviewing new candidates. Many of your current staff will be asked to help with their training. It’s the perfect time to hone the upselling techniques of your staff — both new and old — to capture all the revenue opportunity that warm weather brings.

Here are easy to implement upselling techniques for your current and seasonal employees:

Engage Customers Through the Menu

Discussing the importance of upselling and coaching restaurant staff can be the difference between average and high ticket size. Don’t just teach employees what’s listed on the menu. Give them creative ways to talk about it. By approaching a customer with “this cut of steak pairs really nicely with a full-bodied red,” or “would you like some cheese on your burger?”, your servers can build rapport with your customers and sell add-ons without being pushy.

Leverage Your POS System

Your staff is continuously interacting with your POS system. By adding in a reminder into the POS system, add-ons can stay top of mind every time staff submits an order. This prompt facilitates staff to ask guests the upsell questions well before they ask for the check. This also eliminates the need for your managers to intervene, which frees them up for important tasks that demand their full attention.

Addressing Employee Weaknesses

No employee is perfect. The best way to develop your talent is through positive reinforcement. When a server fails to present dessert options properly, for example, a good manager can turn this misstep into a teachable moment. Employees taking this criticism to heart will improve their tableside routine. This can increase work satisfaction, which is a win-win for all. This type of feedback can make team members feel more valuable. What’s more, it can lower employee turnover and, in turn, a stronger bottom line.

Design Your Menu to Influence Customer Purchases

Though it is beneficial for your staff to upsell guests, adding upsell options onto the menu can eliminate the need for in-person suggestions. Make guests aware of the add-on options, including prices, in a prominent section next to common menu pairings.

Be Enthusiastic About Menu Items

For most customer-facing roles, maintaining a positive demeanor every hour of every day isn’t easy. In order to have your staff deliver their suggestions with enthusiasm, consider a ‘family meal’. The easiest way a server can convincingly relay the flavor profile and decadence of a dish is to know how it tastes firsthand. Not only can this lead to higher ticket sales, but a happier, more engaged staff.

Training staff to focus on upselling while maintaining an excellent customer experience is a delicate balance. By training staff on the job, updating your menu design, and leveraging existing technologies in your restaurant, you can improve your bottom line at little to no added cost.