In a city with almost 9 million inhabitants, and even more commuters, there are always groups, coworkers, and friends looking to get together. Tapping into the city’s desire to gather and socialize, can be a great opportunity for business. While accommodating to large parties can seem a bit stressful, there are ways to make it more than manageable. With a special advertising for crowds and a thoughtful itinerary for the day of the reservation, your next party will be a huge success. 

Hyping Up Your Party Reservation Availability

Familiarizing potential customers with your establishment’s large party options is essential to getting the ball rolling. Advertising your large party options on your website and dedicating a few social media posts to the reservation process is the first step to getting on your diners’ radars. Guest maximums and minimums, dietary restrictions, and automatic gratuity estimates are important facts to list when promoting party services. Detailing food and drink menus catered for events will give potential customers a sense of what their day will look like when they step foot on your premises for a special occasion. 

Pinpoint an Appropriate Party Space

Having made your large party availability clear, it’s now time to plan how to pull off the event. Start with finding a room, rooftop, or area of the restaurant that fits the party’s goals and your resources. Unless a customer plans on renting out the entire restaurant, it’s important to remember that there will be other restaurant patrons looking to dine without the bother of a noisy crowd. Dedicating a spot to meetings and parties will eliminate the disturbance aspect for guests who are just popping in. Be sure to provide an intimate setting so that groups feel at home and your regular customers feel at ease.

Who’s Got the Bill?

When hosting a corporate meeting or an office party, the finances will likely be taken care of in advance. However, there are plenty of big groups looking to grab a bite that may plan on paying after their meal, like a reservation made for a birthday brunch. Going over your check policy, i.e. how many cards will be accepted, is something that you should brief your guests on before they hit the bottomless mimosas. Automatic gratuity can take patrons by surprise too, so notify them of your policies. Similar to an informative rundown on your website and socials, alerting guests of your payment procedures upon reservation and even inquiring about how they plan on covering the bill will make the event run even more smoothly.

Double Down on Employees

Hosting a large party will bring in more customers, revenue, and business, but it also requires more employees to help. Scrambling to get food and drinks out to thirty people will plunge your workers into panic mode, and not having enough hands to get the job done efficiently leaves room for mistakes. In turn, you can expect disgruntled guests taking note of the less than speedy service and unsatisfactory tips for waiters who have been working hard. Make sure that you and your staff are prepared and equipped to serve a large party.

When accommodating big groups, your restaurant becomes more than a simple place to grab dinner. You can put as much or as little creativity into the festivity as you please, but planning ahead of time cannot be overlooked. It may be surprising how far a simple interest in your customer’s exciting soiree can go – inquiring about the occasion can give you information to personalize the event and make your customers feel valued. Accommodating large parties can be easy and revenue-boosting when done thoughtfully. Just don’t bring out the party hats without utilizing you and your employees’ thinking caps.